List of Tables

Table 2.1 Agile Elements by Origin 16
Table 3.1 Some Commonly Cited Advantages of Kanban Over Scrum 46
Table 3.2 Some of the Templates Used with the Rational Unified Process (RUP) 52
Table 4.1 Formal Definitions of Core Data Warehousing Terms 62
Table 4.2 Key Terms and Their Synonyms Used in This Book 63
Table 4.3 Names for Different Groupings of Project Team Members 69
Table 5.1 Areas Where Generic Scrum is Particularly Challenged by Data Integration Work 86
Table 5.2 Factors Having the Greatest Impact for Those Agile DW/BI Practitioners Reporting Increased Costs 106
Table 6.1 Failure Rates for Traditionally Managed Software Development Projects 110
Table 6.2 Examples of Errors by Conceptual Level 115
Table 7.1 Traditional ...

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