Chapter 10 Risks with Using This Approach

Chapter contents

  • Introduction 178
  • Workplace Challenges 178
  • Work Environment 179
  • Why This Is Not a Risk 179
  • Risk: Abandoning Quality for Bonuses 188
  • Management Challenges 189
  • Quality Concerns 195
  • Design Debt 196
  • Hard to Transition 197
  • Smaller but Still Potentially Problematic Risks 198


No method is foolproof, and no process exists without some risks. The Six Week Solution is no exception. This chapter discusses the following types of risks:

  • • Small risks
  • • Large risks
  • • Things that appear to be risks but actually are not
  • • Things that do not appear to be risks but are actually potential landmines

We discuss the risks in detail, explain why sometimes what appears to be a risk is ...

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