Chapter 11 Transitioning to the Six Week Solution

Chapter contents

  • Introduction 204
  • Before You Do Anything, Though 204
  • Automate the Build 204
  • Selling This Idea up the Chain 205
  • Selling It to Sales and Marketing 206
  • Determine Your Aggressiveness on Cycles and Compensation 207
  • Set Expectations from the Start 208
  • Pick the Date for the Cutover 209
  • Use the Language of the Process 210
  • Transitioning the Development Team 210
  • Creating the Baseline—Your First Six Week Cycle 212


“Okay,” you say, “this all sounds great, but there is no way I can move my company in this direction. The business will never participate, the developers all have offices, and marketing will not understand.”

We promise that the initial pain of the transition ...

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