Chapter 6

Putting Agile into Action: The Behaviors

In This Chapter

arrow Setting up agile roles

arrow Creating agile values in your organization

arrow Transforming your team’s philosophy

arrow Sharpening important skills

In this chapter, you look at the behavioral dynamics that need to shift for your organization to benefit from the performance advantages that agile techniques enable. You find out what the different roles on an agile project are and see how you can change a project team’s values and philosophy about project management. Finally, I discuss some ways for a project team to hone key skills for agile project success.

Establishing Agile Roles

In Chapter 4, I describe scrum, one of the most popular agile approaches in use today. The scrum framework defines common agile roles in an especially succinct manner. I use scrum terms to describe agile roles throughout this book. These roles are

check.png Development team member

Product owner

Scrum master

The term scrum comes from the sport of rugby. During rugby ...

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