Chapter 7

Defining the Product Vision and Product Roadmap

In This Chapter

arrow Planning agile projects

arrow Establishing the product vision

arrow Creating features and a product roadmap

To start, let’s dispel a common myth. If you’ve heard that agile projects don’t include planning, dismiss that thought right now. Not only will you plan the overall project, you also will plan every release, every sprint, and every day. Planning is fundamental to agile project success.

If you’re a project manager, you probably do the bulk of your planning at the beginning of a project. You may have heard the phrase, “Plan the work, then work the plan,” which sums up non-agile project management approaches.

Agile projects, in contrast, involve planning up front and throughout the entire project. By planning at the last responsible moment, right before an activity starts, you know the most about that activity. This type of planning, called just-in-time planning or a situationally informed strategy (introduced in Chapter 3), is a key to agile’s success.

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