Chapter 9

Working Through the Day

In This Chapter

arrow Planning each day

arrow Tracking daily progress

arrow Developing and testing every day

arrow Ending the day

It’s Tuesday, 9 a.m. You completed sprint planning yesterday, and the development team started work. For the rest of the sprint, you’ll be working cyclically, where each day follows the same pattern.

In this chapter, you find out how to use Agile Principles daily throughout each sprint. You see the work that you will do every day as part of a scrum team: planning your day, tracking progress, creating and verifying usable functionality, and identifying and dealing with impediments to your work. You see how the different scrum team members work together each day during the sprint to help create the product.

Planning the Day: The Daily Scrum

On agile projects, you make plans throughout the entire project — and on a daily basis. Agile development teams start each workday with a daily scrum meeting to note completed items, to identify impediments, or roadblocks, requiring scrum master involvement, and to plan their day.

The daily scrum is Stage ...

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