Chapter 17

Being a Change Agent

In This Chapter

arrow Following steps for adopting agile in your company

arrow Avoiding common problems in adopting agile

arrow Asking the right questions to prevent issues along the way

If you’re contemplating the idea of introducing agile project management to your company or organization, this chapter can help get you started. In this chapter, you find key steps to implementing agile project management techniques. I also cover common pitfalls to avoid in your agile transition.

Making Agile Work in Your Organization

Throughout this book, I highlight the fact that agile processes are very different from traditional project management. Moving an organization from waterfall to agile is a significant change. Through my experience guiding companies through this type of change, I’ve identified the following important steps to take in order to successfully become an agile organization.

Step 1: Conduct an implementation strategy

An implementation strategy is a plan that outlines how your organization will transition to agile project management. Ask yourself the questions in the following list as you build your implementation strategy:

Current processes: How does your ...

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