Chapter 20

Ten Key Factors for Project Success


check Ensuring scrum teams have the environment and tools they need

check Filling all roles with the right talent

check Enabling teams with clear direction and support

Here are ten key factors that determine whether an agile transition will succeed. You don’t need all issues resolved before you begin. You just need to be aware of them and have a plan to address them as early in your journey as possible.

tip We have found that the first three are the strongest indicators for success. Get those right and the likelihood of your success increases dramatically.

Dedicated Team Members

In Chapter 6, we talk about the importance of dedicating team members — product owner, development team members, as well as scrum master — to a single project at a time. This is especially critical at the beginning, when the scrum team and the rest of the organization are still learning what it means to value agility and embody agile principles.

If team members are jumping between project contexts hourly, daily, weekly, or even monthly, the focus on getting agile ...

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