Agile business involvement, 8

Agile elaborative requirement discovery advantage, 15

Agile emergence advantage, 52

Agile enterprise support, 9–10. See also Enterprise Agile

Agile governance, 51–52

Agile iterative approach, 77–78

Agile iterative delivery advantage, 16

Agile learning organization advantage, 14

Agile Manifesto principles, 22–24

Agile planning approach, 91

Agile processes

Disciplined Agile Delivery, 60

Extreme Programming, 58

improvements, 8

limitations, 61–63

Rational Unified Process, 59–60

resource optimization, 92

Scrum, 57–58

Agile Project Management

vs. conventional technology projects, 8

guiding method of, 4–5

Agile teamwork advantage, 3, 44. See also Teamwork functionality

Agile trust factor, 34

Backlog Grooming, 46, ...

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