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Agile Software Development in the Large: Diving Into the Deep

Book Description

Who Says Large Teams Can’t Handle Agile Software Development?

Agile or "lightweight" processes have revolutionized the software development industry. They're faster and more efficient than traditional software development processes. They enable developers to

  • embrace requirement changes during the project

  • deliver working software in frequent iterations

  • focus on the human factor in software development

Unfortunately, most agile processes are designed for small or mid-sized software development projects–bad news for large teams that have to deal with rapid changes to requirements. That means all large teams!

With Agile Software Development in the Large, Jutta Eckstein–a leading speaker and consultant in the agile community–shows how to scale agile processes to teams of up to 200. The same techniques are also relevant to teams of as few as 10 developers, especially within large organizations.

Topics include

  • the agile value system as used in large teams

  • the impact of a switch to agile processes

  • the agile coordination of several sub-teams

  • the way project size and team size influence the underlying architecture

Stop getting frustrated with inflexible processes that cripple your large projects! Use this book to harness the efficiency and adaptability of agile software development.

Stop getting frustrated with inflexible processes that cripple your large projects! Use this book to harness the efficiency and adaptability of agile software development.

Table of Contents

  1. About This eBook
  2. Title Page
  3. Copyright Page
  4. Also Available from Dorset House Publishing
  5. Acknowledgments
  6. Contents
  7. Preface
  8. 1. Introduction
    1. Questioning Scaling Agile Processes
    2. Examining Largeness
    3. Raising Large Issues
    4. Specifying the Projects in Focus
    5. Detecting the Agile Method for Scaling
    6. Identifying the Reader
    7. Revealing the Structure of the Book
  9. 2. Agility and Largeness
    1. Fundamentals of Agile Processes
    2. Magnifying the Agile Principles
    3. Processes Masquerading As Agile
    4. People Shape the Process
    5. Mistrust in Applicability
    6. Summary
  10. 3. Agility and Large Teams
    1. People
    2. Team Building
    3. Interaction and Communication Structures
    4. Trouble-Shooting
    5. Virtual Teams
    6. Summary
  11. 4. Agility and the Process
    1. Defining the Objectives
    2. Providing Feedback
    3. Short Development Cycles, Iterations, and Time-Boxing
    4. Planning
    5. Integration
    6. Retrospectives
    7. Getting Started with an Agile Process
    8. Culture of Change
    9. Summary
  12. 5. Agility and Technology
    1. Architect and Architecture
    2. Avoid Bottlenecks
    3. Ownership
    4. Choosing Technology
    5. Techniques and Good Practices
    6. Summary
  13. 6. Agility and the Company
    1. Communication and Organization Structure
    2. Project Planning and Controlling
    3. Enterprise-Wide Processes
    4. Enterprise-Wide Tools and Technology
    5. Quality Assurance and Quality Control
    6. Departments on the Edge
    7. The Customer
    8. Company Culture Shapes Individuals
    9. Resources
    10. Summary
  14. 7. Putting It All Together: A Project Report
    1. The Previous History
    2. The Customer
    3. The Team
    4. Organizational Departments
    5. Starting Off
    6. Growing the Team
    7. Unresolved Issues
    8. Summary
  15. Afterword
  16. References
    1. Articles
    2. Books
    3. URLs
  17. Index