Iteration C1: Creating the Catalog Listing

We’ve already created the products controller, used by the seller to administer the Depot application. Now it’s time to create a second controller, one that interacts with the paying customers. Let’s call it Store:

 depot>​​ ​​bin/rails​​ ​​generate​​ ​​controller​​ ​​Store​​ ​​index
  create app/controllers/store_controller.rb
  route get 'store/index'
  invoke erb
  create app/views/store
  create app/views/store/index.html.erb
  invoke test_unit
  create test/controllers/store_controller_test.rb
  invoke helper
  create app/helpers/store_helper.rb
  invoke test_unit
  invoke assets
  invoke coffee
  create app/assets/javascripts/
  invoke scss
  create app/assets/stylesheets/store.scss ...

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