Iteration K4: Adding a Locale Switcher

We’ve completed the task, but we need to advertise its availability more. We spy some unused area in the top-right side of the layout, so we add a form immediately before the image_tag:

  <header class=​"main"​>
» <aside>
»<%=​ form_tag store_index_path, ​class: ​​'locale'​ ​do​ ​%>
»<%=​ select_tag ​'set_locale'​,
» options_for_select(LANGUAGES, I18n.locale.to_s),
»onchange: ​​'this.form.submit()'​ ​%>
»<%=​ submit_tag ​'submit'​, ​id: ​​"submit_locale_change"​ ​%>
»<%​ ​end​ ​%>
» </aside>
 <%=​ image_tag ​'logo.svg'​, ​alt: ​​'The Pragmatic Bookshelf'​ ​%>
  <h1>​<%=​ @page_title ​%>​</h1>

The form_tag specifies the path to ...

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