Chapter 2. An Introduction to the AI for People and Business Framework

AI is a set of concepts, tools, and techniques that represents huge disruptive and transformative potential. Definition-wise, we can think of AI simply as intelligence exhibited by machines that can be used in a beneficial way (e.g., carrying out tasks, making decisions, assisting humans, saving lives). Specific highly beneficial and advanced applications include helping blind and visually disabled people “see” and cardiovascular disease assessment and prediction of risk factors from retinal scan images.

Developing and executing an AI vision and strategy guided by the AIPB Framework is the key to AI-based innovation that’s beneficial to both people and business; that is, innovation that creates better human experiences and business success. This framework and the information covered in this book will be valuable to any business interested in ensuring successful delivery of AI-based products with maximum value and benefits.

The goal of this chapter is to introduce the AIPB Framework and the more general for People and Business Framework (FPB) on which it is based. This chapter provides an in-depth discussion of the benefits of AIPB while briefly covering the other components that are built on top in a foundational way—in other words, assessment, methodology, and output components. We discuss those in much greater length in the next chapter.

Note that for the remainder of this book, I use the simplified and encompassing ...

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