AI Orchestration Methodologies

Book description

AI is the brain behind anything labeled a "smart" technology. But AI exists today as piecemeal components, pilots, and projects, limiting how "smart" a data-driven organization can be. In this report, author Pam Baker provides a nontechnical overview of AI orchestration, the goal of which is to facilitate complete process automation versus isolated task automation.

While this is the natural progression of analytics maturity, mastering it to achieve complex business decisioning involves changes in management and processes as much as it does in technical frameworks and technologies. Through interviews with business leaders, consultants, and providers, this report examines how AI orchestration can lead to enterprise-wide decision intelligence.

You'll explore:

  • The power and advantage of working backward in a new decision-making model
  • Why public health officials have all the virus data they need but can't tell you if it's safe for kids to go to school yet
  • Why so many AI projects fail but many others see ROI in less than two years
  • How the human element poses the biggest challenge in AI orchestration--and it's not because of a talent shortage
  • Methods to preserve institutional knowledge that resides with your employees
  • How AI in business is maturing and moving past gaining efficiencies to developing creative business advantages
  • Example platforms now available to facilitate AI orchestration

Product information

  • Title: AI Orchestration Methodologies
  • Author(s): Pam Baker
  • Release date: October 2020
  • Publisher(s): O'Reilly Media, Inc.
  • ISBN: 9781492091790