Chapter 12. A.I.M. in Constant Motion

The habit of giving only enhances the desire to give.

Wait Whitman

With this chapter, our journey through the ten steps of the A.I.M. process nears its end. Over the previous nine stages, we have identified your main challenge and, through several exercises, explored what you value and how that can impact what you are seeking to change. Your windowpane and decade review exercises helped you capture values and past patterns, while your future options list allowed you to brainstorm about areas you might want to investigate. Giving you the ability to reflect which these exercises provided, coupled with the perspective offered by a few outside sources, helped you focus and prioritize your options. You could then lay the groundwork through research and explore them further through a focused networking strategy. As we shared these steps, we also met dozens of people who have faced the same types of challenges that you have faced, and who overcame them by applying a method used by executives from around the world.

At this point in the process you may be feeling comfortable. If you have followed the method correctly, you should be well on the way to addressing the concern you identified in your focus statement in one of the early stages of the A.I.M. process. Perhaps your networking efforts have already begun to reveal a path forward—a new job, a new start, or a new direction. It would be normal to think, after the ninth stage of A.I.M., that your task ...

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