What Is the A.I.M. Method All About?

Only I can change my life No one can do it for me.

Carol Burnett

Welcome to the A.I.M. method. You have joined my co—author Alex and I on a journey where, if you are willing, we will take you through a series of steps that can change your life.

That is a bold statement with which to start a book—but here are some bolder ones.

You have chosen this book because, while you may not have realized it, you are playing a part in two very troubling issues. First, you are one of millions of people around the world who, to some degree, feel stuck, unmotivated, trapped, overwhelmed, and unhappy. This silent army doesn't show up in opinion polls or demonstrate in public squares—but they are out there, staring at their ceilings in the middle of the night, running through their lives in their minds, and wondering why they cant sleep. They often lack the words or direction or context to do something about it, blaming themselves, their workplaces, their families, and others around them because they just can't get it right. The many reasons people feel this way are not immediately clear to them. They don't see that workplaces have eliminated entire ranks of managers who once used to mentor and counsel their employees. They don't see that life has become so busy that it has diminished the role that friends and family used to play in helping them think through their challenges. They don't see that a busier society that increasingly relies on electronic communication ...

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