Air Pollution Control
Equipment Selection
Second Edition
Kenneth C. Schifftner
Air Pollution Control Equipment Selection Guide
Air Pollution Control Equipment
Selection Guide
Air Pollution Control Equipment
Selection Guide
Second Edition
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“As an operator and process engineer, I am constantly searching for insights into
what the designer intended, and how it impacts me five years or more later.
This book is an attempt to do that, in a way that lets the operator troubleshoot
control equipment problems without compromising that designer’s intent. More
of this type book is needed—the chasm between design and operation must be
—Rick Ullrich, Wastepro Engineering, Inc., Kennett Square, Pennsylvania
Completely revised and updated, but maintaining the format that made the
first edition so popular, Air Pollution Control Equipment Selection Guide,
Second Edition covers a wide range of equipment and gives a good overview
of the principles and applications. Using the same conversational tone as the
first edition and based on practical experience, the book discusses air pollution
control equipment, including how to choose new equipment and maintain
current equipment.
See What’s New in the Second Edition:
• UpdatedTypical Applications and Uses sections
• AdditionalSpecialApplicationschapterscoveringhybridsystemsandothers
• SpecialchapteronVenturi-typescrubbersandrecentapplications
• HelpfulchapteronSystemsDiagnostics
As in the previous edition, each chapter contains Device Type, Typical Applica-
tions and Uses, Operating Principles, Primary Mechanism Used, Design Basics,
and Operating Suggestions sections. This format allows readers to compare in-
formation within those categories. Those who are familiar with the technology,
for example, but want to explore various applications, can easily do so. And those
who are interested in the basics of the design of a particular piece of equipment
can go directly to those sections. The tone remains conversational rather than
uting authors to provide practical information that can be immediately applied
to everyday situations.
Air Pollution Control
Equipment Selection
Second Edition
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Air Pollution Control
Equipment Selection
Second Edition
Kenneth C. Schifftner
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