Chapter 3

Determining Your Profit Potential


check Determining your revenue potential on Airbnb

check Conducting property market research

check Estimating your true profit potential

check Researching local Airbnb regulations

Before you invest significant resources and energy into becoming an Airbnb host, you first need to determine the profit potential for your future Airbnb listing to make sure all that effort will be worth it — in other words, you want to make sure you make money hosting. Far too many aspiring hosts jump into hosting with blindfolds on and don’t understand whether their expectations are realistic and achievable. When reality and expectations don’t match, disappointment results.

Not all properties and markets can perform well on Airbnb as short-term rentals. By doing a bit of research and analysis before you host, you can set realistic expectations and ultimately decide whether hosting on Airbnb still makes sense for you, with your property, in your market.

In this chapter, we provide guidance on how to determine the profit potential of your future Airbnb listing before you ...

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