Chapter 11

Comprehending What Being a Good Host Means


check Looking closer at the guest search experience

check Deconstructing the guest search experience

check Creating a guest-centric strategy

check Identifying your ideal guest segment

Whether your guests ultimately enjoy their stay in your Airbnb depends on how their actual guest experience compares to their initial expectations. Fall short on even a simple but crucial guest expectation, and you could say good-bye to that 5-star guest rating. On the other hand, exceed your guests’ expectations consistently and you’ll set your Airbnb listing up for long-term success.

In this chapter, we explore the simple formula for delivering a great guest experience, how to put yourself in your guests’ shoes, and how you can design your own guest-centric game plan for hosting on Airbnb.

Understanding the Guest Search Experience

When guests book their next vacation on Airbnb, they don’t just magically land on your listing profile when they open their browser and click the “Reserve” button. As much as you’d like it to be that easy, guests take many steps ...

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