Chapter 13

Continuing a Stress-Free Guest Stay Post Check-In to Check-Out


check Making a great first impression

check Ensuring an enjoyable guest stay

check Creating a smooth check-out

check Handling the post check-out

check Managing guest reviews

Although you’ve done everything you can to help your guests arrive at your property without a hitch, the work to ensure a stress-free stay is only just beginning after they successfully check into your property.

From creating the best first impression when guests walk in the door all the way to what you need to do to manage and respond to guest reviews after they check out, small seemingly insignificant decisions could affect your long-term success as a host.

This chapter discusses strategies for how you can capitalize on both the opportunities and avoid the pitfalls during the time when your guests first check into your property to well after they check out.

Setting the Tone for Your Guests’ Arrival

Just as people form first impressions of others in the ...

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