Chapter 18

Hosting without a Property through Airbnb Experiences


check Understanding Airbnb Experiences

check Designing successful Airbnb Experiences

check Brainstorming Airbnb Experience concepts

check Submitting for approval

As regulatory headwinds continue to reduce the number of existing listings, limit the addition of new ones, and allow fewer available days that homes can rent on a short-term basis, Airbnb has sought to achieve continued growth by expanding its business model.

Most notably, Airbnb is betting big on its Experiences program, which allows hosts to earn money on the platform by hosting an activity for guests to experience rather than a property for guests to stay in.

What began with limited tests in San Francisco and Paris in 2014, Airbnb Experiences officially launched in November 2016 with about 500 Experiences in 12 cities. As of early 2020, Airbnb already offers more than 40,000 Experiences around the world, tripling the Experiences listings from the year prior. However, that still pales in comparison to the more than six million property listings on the platform.

With ...

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