Chapter 23

Ten Ways to Increase Your Earnings


check Identifying proven strategies to increase earnings

check Considering creative ways to expand earning potential outside of Airbnb

“No, I don’t want to earn more money while putting in the same effort,” said no Airbnb host ever. If you’re already putting in the time and energy to hosting on Airbnb, why not get the most from your hosting efforts? In this chapter, we provide ten strategies that have helped hosts to earn more while hosting.

Putting Your Best Listing Forward

Most new hosts who complain about not earning as much as they want have low hanging fruits with their property listing, which can include having photos taken from their phones from the wrong angles with poor lighting at the wrong time of day. Or they have poorly written descriptions and boring titles. Unless you have the best listing profile you can have for your property, you won’t come close to earning your full potential as a host. Refer to Chapter 5 for specifics on building the perfect listing for your property.

Asking Guests to Leave Reviews

Although Airbnb will send an email to guests, reminding them to leave a review after their check-outs, hosts who reach out to guests with a friendly reminder will get more guest reviews. Having more reviews, especially ...

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