Latin Definition Unit
a Local speed of sound m/s, ft/s
a Semimajor axis of inlet elliptic lip (internal) m, ft
a Swirl profile parameter
at Speed sound based on total temperature m/s, ft/s
A Area m2, ft2
An Projection of area in the normal direction m2, ft2
A9 Nozzle exit flow area m2, ft2
Aref Reference area m2, ft2
Ao Inlet (freestream) capture area m2, ft2
A1 Inlet capture area m2, ft2
A8, A8geo Nozzle throat area (geometrical area) m2, ft2
A8eff Effective nozzle throat area m2, ft2
AB Blocked area (due to boundary layer) m2, ft2
Ab Burning area of grain in solid rocket motors m2, ft2
AE Effective area m2, ft2
AHL Inlet highlight area m2, ft2
AM Maximum nacelle area m2, ft2
Ath Inlet throat area m2, ft2
A* Sonic throat, choked area m2, ft2
b Semiminor axis of inlet elliptic lip (internal) m, ft
b Swirl profile parameter
B Blockage
B Compressor instability parameter due to Greitzer
Absolute velocity vector in turbomachinery m/s, ft/s
C Absolute flow speed, i.e., m/s, ft/s
c Chord length m, ft
c Effective exhaust velocity in rockets m/s, ft/s
c* Characteristic velocity in rockets m/s, ft/s
Cr, Cθ, Cz Radial, tangential, axial velocity components in the absolute frame of reference m/s, ft/s

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