Chapter 7. Fast Connect for AIX advanced functions 91
7.4 Send File API support
The Fast Connect for AIX server supports the TCP/IP Sendfile API
(application programming interface) support. This is an in-kernel network file
cache to improve TCP/IP performance.
Sendfile setting is done with the
net config command. You can use the
options shown in Table 3.
Table 3. net config command options
You can also set these parameters by modifying the configuration file,
There is one additional parameter in AIX that can be set to tune the Sendfile
API performance. It is set with the
no command (see Table 4).
Table 4. Sendfile API performance no command option
In the following example, we will enable the Sendfile API and reduce the
cache validation time to one minute (60 seconds).
Option Description
/send_file_api:0|1 Disable/enable the Sendfile API. Default value is 1.
/send_file_size:val Defines an SMB read size limit, where the server will use
the Sendfile API. If an SMB read size is greater than this
parameter value, Sendfile API will be used for this SMB
read operation. The default value is 4096.
/send_file_cache_size:val Defines an SMB read size limit where the server will cache
the file. If an SMB read size is smaller than this parameters
value, Sendfile API will cache the file. The default value is
1048576. Value 0 means that the Sendfile API will cache
any file.
Option Description
send_file_duration Specifies the cache validation duration for all the file
objects that the system call send_file accessed in the
Network Buffer Cache. This attribute is expressed in
seconds; the default is 300.
# net config /send_file_api:1
# no -o send_file_duration=60

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