132 Fast Connect for AIX Version 3.1 Guide
Or enter the users password directly in the command line:
8.2.3 Synchronizing Fast Connect for AIX and AIX passwords
When the encrypted password option is enabled, it is necessary to manage
two user password databases. The AIX database is located in the
/etc/security/passwd file. The second one is located in the
file; this one is used by the Fast Connect for AIX server
on the authentication process when the encryption option is enabled.
Option 1: Using Web-based System Manager
To synchronize the Fast Connect for AIX and AIX user passwords using the
Web-based System Manager interface, perform the following steps:
1. Double-click PC services icon located on the main window of the
Web-based System Manager administration tool.
2. Double-click the Fast Connect Server icon.
3. Select the Change User Password
option located in the Services
submenu shown in Figure 74 on page 118.
4. In the Change user password window, enter the new password and
confirm the password. For both databases to be synchronized, the
Change AIX password to match the one entered above option must be
checked as shown in Figure 81 on page 133.
# net user sales -p
Enter sales's password:
Command completed successfully.
# net user sales demo
Command completed successfully.

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