# lsps -a
Page Space Physical Volume Volume Group Size %Used Active Auto Type
paging00 hdisk5 rootvg 80MB 0 yes yes lv
perfpg hdisk1 perfvg 20MB 8 yes yes lv
perfpg hdisk8 perfvg 20MB 8 yes yes lv
hd6 hdisk5 rootvg 28MB 22 yes no lv
hd6 hdisk7 rootvg 28MB 21 yes no lv
This verifies that we have recovered one logical partition, which is two physical
partitions (8MB) from the hd6 logical volume, so we can now remove the
temporary paging00 logical volume.
How to Remove a Paging Logical Volume
Now that the smaller hd6 logical volume has been returned to its original
operating conditions, we can follow the process described in the article
Changing or Removing a Paging Space
to remove our temporary logical volume.
To remove the paging device paging00:
1. Follow the procedure given in How to Change the Attributes of a Paging
Logical Volume” on page 306 to change paging00 so that it will not be active
after a reboot.
2. Reboot the RISC System/6000 by executing the
shutdown -Fr command.
3. When the system is up, login in as root and execute the fast path
smitty rmps
to get to the menu with the title Remove a Paging Space. Alternatively, you
can go through the smit hierarchy by:
a. Executing
b. Selecting System Storage Management (Physical & Logical Storage).
c. Selecting Logical Volume Manager.
d. Selecting Paging Space.
e. Selecting Remove a Paging Space to get to the same menu.
4. Press the F4=List to generate a list of paging logical volumes.
5. Use the Arrow keys to highlight the
paging00 logical volume name, and then
press the Enter=Do key three times (once to enter the name in the field,
once to get the warning, and the third time to execute the command).
6. When smit returns an
OK prompt, press the F10=Exit to return to the
command line.
8.8 Common Disk Management and Error Recovery Procedures
This section will show examples of the use of the migratepv and the rgrecover
command and shell script respectively. We also include the contents of the
dsksyn script that many people have used in AIX Version 3, although we did
test this script in AIX Version 4.
For further examples of recovery procedures, see Appendix C, “General Volume
Group Recovery” on page 345.
Chapter 8. Practical Examples 311

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