Chapter 5

Communicating with Alexa


Bullet Letting Alexa access your contacts

Bullet Using Alexa to send and receive text messages

Bullet Making voice and video calls with Alexa

Bullet Dropping in on other Alexa devices

Bullet Using an Alexa device as a one-way intercom

When you think about Alexa (you do think about Alexa, don’t you?), you probably think about standard Alexa tasks such as getting answers to your questions, summoning some mood music, and turning lights on and off. What most folks do not think about when Alexa comes to mind is communicating. Yep, sure, you “communicate” with Alexa in a way, but I’m talking here about communicating with other sentient beings: your family, friends, perhaps even a colleague or two.

If you have an eyebrow raised in surprise, I can’t say that I blame you. Alexa’s communication features are unexpected, but they’re quite real. For example, you can send and receive text messages between any two Alexa devices, or between any two mobile devices that have the Alexa ...

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