Chapter 9

Making Alexa Accessible


Bullet Making Alexa accessible for folks with speech difficulties

Bullet Improving Alexa’s accessibility for the hearing impaired

Bullet Configuring Alexa to help people with vision challenges

For people with a vision impairment or mobility challenges, Alexa is a gift from the technological gods because devices such as the Echo, Echo Dot, and Echo Plus can be operated by voice only: Good vision or steady hands are not required.

Similarly, for people with severe hearing problems, Alexa is also apparently heaven sent, because devices such as the Echo Spot and Echo Show can display Alexa’s results onscreen.

Alexa’s benefits to people with physical challenges are significant, but they don’t mean that either Alexa or an Alexa device are configured ideally for those same people. In this chapter, you explore the accessibility features that can make Alexa easier to use for people with speech, hearing, and vision issues.

Controlling Alexa If You Have a Speech Impairment

Alexa is billed as a voice-activated personal assistant, but that “voice-activated” part is problematic if you can’t speak at all or have speech challenges. To fix that, you can take advantage ...

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