Chapter 10

Setting Up Your Smart Home


Bullet Finding out how smart smart-home devices really are

Bullet Getting your smart-home devices connected

Bullet Telling Alexa about your smart-home knickknacks

Bullet Managing your increasing horde of smart-home gadgets

Bullet Using Alexa voice commands to control smart-home stuff

Technology’s tall-forehead types seem to be obsessed with the word smart. It began in earnest in the early 2000s when simple flip phones were replaced by powerful new devices that can surf the web, send email, and much more. Cellphones gave way to smartphones. A few years later, simple time-only watches were replaced by powerful new devices that can count your steps, provide directions, and much more. Wristwatches gave way to smartwatches.

What makes these devices “smart” depends on who you ask. Some folks say it’s the impressive list of tasks you can now perform on the devices. Others claim that a device is “smart” if it can connect to the Internet and be controlled remotely.

Whatever ...

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