Chapter 9

Reconnecting the Dots


check Working with graphs

check Performing sorting tasks

check Reducing the tree size

check Locating the shortest route between two points

This chapter is about working with graphs. You use graphs every day to perform a range of tasks. A graph is simply a set of vertexes, nodes, or points connected by edges, arcs, or lines. Putting this definition in simpler terms, every time you use a map, you use a graph. The starting point, intermediate points, and destination are all nodes. These nodes connect to each other with streets, which represent the lines. Using graphs enables you to describe relationships of various sorts. The reason that Global Positioning System (GPS) setups work is that you can use math to describe the relationships between points on the map and the streets that connect them. In fact, by the time you finish this chapter, you understand the basis used to create a GPS (but not necessarily the mechanics of making it happen). Of course, the fundamental requirement for using a graph to create a GPS is the capability to search for connections between ...

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