Chapter 11

Getting the Right Web page


check Understanding why finding what you want on the web is hard

check Reviewing problems that PageRank solves

check Implementing the PageRank algorithm with teleporting

check Learning how PageRank usage is evolving

The last few chapters review graphs at length. The web is one of the most interesting examples because of its extent and complexity. After providing an understanding of the basic algorithms that allow graph traversal and extraction of useful structures (such as the presence of clusters or communities), this chapter concludes the discussion of graphs by presenting the PageRank algorithm that has revolutionized people’s lives as much as the web and Internet did because it makes the web usable. PageRank isn’t only the engine behind Google and many other search engines, but it’s also a smart way to derive latent information, such as relevance, importance, and reputation, from a graph structure.

Libraries rely on catalogues and librarians to offer an easy way to find particular texts or explore certain subjects. Books aren’t all the same: Some ...

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