You need to learn about algorithms for school or work. Yet, all the books you’ve tried on the subject end up being more along the lines of really good sleep-inducing aids rather than texts to teach you something. Assuming that you can get past the arcane symbols obviously written by a demented two-year-old with a penchant for squiggles, you end up having no idea of why you’d even want to know anything about them. Most math texts are boring! However, Algorithms For Dummies, 2nd Edition is different. The first thing you’ll note is that this book has a definite lack of odd symbols (especially of the squiggly sort) floating about. Yes, you see a few (it is a math book, after all), but what you find instead are clear instructions for using algorithms that actually have names and a history behind them and that perform useful tasks. You’ll encounter simple coding techniques to perform amazing tasks that will intrigue your friends. You can certainly make them jealous as you perform feats of math that they can’t begin to understand. You get all this without having to strain your brain, even a little, and you won’t even fall asleep (well, unless you really want to do so). New in this edition of the book are more details about how algorithms work, and you even get to create your own basic math package so that you know how to do it for that next job interview.

About This Book

Algorithms For Dummies, 2nd Edition is the math book that you wanted in college but didn’t get. You ...

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