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Aligned to Achieve

Book Description

A smart, practical guide to rocket-powered business growth

Aligned to Achieve puts sales and marketing on the same page, creating a revenue 'dream team' that will drive your organization to new heights. Smart, practical explanations, case studies, and tips guide you toward action over theory, and dozens of examples illustrate the tangible effects of these changes in action at business-to-business companies. Written by sales and marketing executives who have made alignment work, this book is directed toward practitioners and leaders seeking to crack the code of sales and marketing alignment. Contributions by industry thought leaders and B2B executives provide fresh perspective and nuanced direction, while thoughtful, strategic, and well-supported guidance throughout helps you remove the obstacles standing in the way of your organization's financial and strategic goals.

Misalignment between sales and marketing is an age-old problem—frequently lamented, but seldom addressed. As this schism grows amidst the evolving marketplace, its effects on top and bottom line performance are being felt more than ever before. This book shows you how to bring sales and marketing together effectively once and for all, leveraging their strengths to build an unstoppable force for growth.

  • Understand the cost of misalignment and the driving forces behind it
  • Learn strategies for improving your culture, process, leadership, and technology to initiate and support alignment
  • Identify the best places to modify your sales and marketing programs to kickstart collaboration and cooperation between your teams
  • Discover how other companies are uniting their sales and marketing teams into a single force for growth
  • Walk away with practical advice on how to apply recommendation in the real world

Misalignment is frustrating for everyone in sales, marketing, and leadership. It's also detrimental to your organization's performance—but the problem is not insurmountable. In fact, most of the obstacles it creates are self-inflicted, and entirely within control of leadership. Aligned to Achieve helps you identify and remove those obstacles, and build a culture of sustainable growth.

Table of Contents

  1. Cover
  2. Title Page
  3. Copyright
  4. Dedication
  5. Foreword
  6. Chapter 1: Why Align?
    1. Misalignment Stalls Your Path to Growth
    2. Misalignment Leads to Mistrust and Hostility
    3. Here's What We've Seen—and Why We're Devoted to Changing It
    4. Misalignment Is Getting Worse and Here's Why
    5. What It Takes to Align
    6. What to Expect from This Book
  7. Chapter 2: Get Those Cultural Obstacles out of Your Way
    1. Alignment Must Be a CEO-Driven Initiative
    2. Recognize Your Differences as You Build Your Alignment Strategy
    3. Get Ready for These Common Objections to Alignment
    4. Translating Culture into Growth-Driving Behaviors
  8. Chapter 3: Build Alignment into Every Process
    1. Process Is Where Your Culture Hits the Road (It's a Bumpy One)
    2. Creating Your Customer Engagement Strategy
    3. Alignment Process Fundamentals
    4. Don't Just Change Processes, Rebuild Them to Support Alignment
  9. Chapter 4: An Aligned Organization Requires a Different Kind of Leader
    1. Is Alignment Obvious or Is It a Stretch Goal?
    2. Attributes of an Aligned Leader
    3. What Makes a Good Leader in an Aligned Organization?
  10. Chapter 5: Data Is the Great Equalizer of Alignment
    1. More Data from More Sources
    2. Data Is the Currency of Growth
    3. Determining Data's Value
    4. Maintaining Your Data's Health
    5. Data's Role Across the Customer Journey
    6. Data Is the Great Equalizer
  11. Chapter 6: Push Alignment Beyond Sales and Marketing and into the CIO's Office
    1. Technology Is Shifting Faster than You
    2. View Technology as a Tool, Not a Silver Bullet
    3. Technology Should Support Your Data Strategy
    4. Keep Your Eye on Alignment
    5. Building an Alignment-Optimized Tech Stack
    6. Getting Your Budget in Order
    7. Remember that Technology Should Enable, Not Detract
    8. Where IT Fits in an Aligned Organization
    9. Collusion Is Such a Dirty Word, but It Works
  12. Chapter 7: Cracking the Code of Alignment
    1. Uncovering the Roots of Misalignment
    2. Challenges to Alignment
    3. What Separates Alignment Leaders and Laggards
    4. At Least We Can All Be Friends
  13. Chapter 8: Leading-Edge Concepts for Reaching Complete Alignment
    1. Prepare for What's Next
    2. Prediction #1—The Rise of the Consultative Seller
    3. Prediction #2—Millennials Have a Major Impact
    4. Prediction #3—Cross-Training Becomes Imperative
    5. Prediction #4—Academia Catches Up
    6. Prediction #5—Marketing Compensation Gets Tied to Pipeline
    7. Prediction #6—Account-Based Everything Becomes a Top Priority
    8. Prediction #7—Customer Data Strategy Rises in Importance
    9. Expect Alignment to Continue Its Expansion
    10. Prepare Your Team for Tomorrow, but Start Cheering Them on Today
  14. Acknowledgments
  15. Index
  16. End User License Agreement