All Hands On Deck: 8 Essential Lessons for Building a Culture of Ownership

Book description

In the stormy seas of today's world economy, organizations need all hands on deck

In the stormy seas of today's world economy, organizations need people to own their work, not just rent a spot on the organization chart. All Hands on Deck is a fun-to-read story that is both a business strategy book about creating competitive advantage through corporate culture, and a personal development book that will inspire readers to be more committed and engaged with their work and their organizations. Drawing upon the wisdom of some of the greatest and most beloved business leaders of the 20th century, this essential guide:

  • Creates a virtual roadmap for building a culture of ownership where so workers are inspired to think and act like partners in the enterprise, and not just hired hands

  • Shares practical and proven strategies for earning employee buy-in and commitment to the values, vision, and purpose of the organization

  • Features the real-world wisdom of some of the most successful and beloved business leaders of the 20th century, including Walt Disney, Ray Kroc, Mary Kay Ash, Bill Hewlett, and Dave Packard

A stirring resource for today's business environment, All Hands on Deck shares the tools you need to create an organization that competes and succeeds in today's turbulent world, and the inspiration that your people need to put those tools to work.

Table of contents

  1. Copyright
  2. Foreword
  3. Acknowledgments
  4. Introduction: Why a Culture of Ownership Matters
    1. A Culture of Ownership Is Essential for Great Customer Service
    2. A Culture of Ownership Enhances Operating Effectiveness
    3. A Culture of Ownership Gives Stability during Challenging Times
    4. A Culture of Ownership Creates Bonds of Loyalty
    5. All Hands on Deck Means No One Goes Overboard
  5. 1. Changing "Us and Them" to "We"
  6. 2. Real Ownership Is of the Heart, Not of the Wallet
  7. 3. Lesson 1: Start with a Mission that is Bigger Than the Business
  8. 4. Lesson 2: Use Structure and Process to Create Culture
    1. 4.1. THINK
  9. 5. Lesson 3: Build Culture on a Foundation of Values
  10. 6. Lesson 4: Trust Is the Glue in a Culture of Ownership
  11. 7. Lesson 5: Use Stories to Reinforce Cultural Norms
    1. 7.1. EMPLOYEES
    2. 7.2. ORGANIZATION
  12. 8. Lesson 6: Invest in Character Building
  13. 9. Lesson 7: Unleash Individual Creativity and Ingenuity
  14. 10. Lesson 8: Everyone Is a Volunteer
  15. 11. The Four Essential Elements of a Culture of Ownership
    1. 11.1. Commitment: To Values, Vision, and Mission
    2. 11.2. Engagement: With Customers, with Coworkers, with the Work Itself
    3. 11.3. Passion: Enthusiasm for the Work and Fellowship in the Workplace
    4. 11.4. Pride: In the Organization, the Job, and Themselves
  16. 12. It Takes Courage and Strength of Character to Be a Culture Leader
  17. 13. A Culture of Ownership Is a Bilateral Relationship
    1. 13.1. An Open Letter to the People of Owatt Hospitality
  18. Afterword
  19. 1. Blueprinting the Invisible Architecture
  20. 2. The Self-Empowerment Pledge
    1. 2.1. The Self-Empowerment Pledge
  21. 3. Study Questions
  22. Bibliography
    1. Walt Disney
    2. Henry Ford
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    5. Ray Kroc
    6. Bill Hewlett and Dave Packard
    7. Mary Kay Ash
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    10. General
  23. About the Author
  24. Services from Values Coach Inc.
  25. Joe Tye's Speaking Topics

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  • Title: All Hands On Deck: 8 Essential Lessons for Building a Culture of Ownership
  • Author(s):
  • Release date: July 2010
  • Publisher(s): Wiley
  • ISBN: 9780470599129