These are the references I used to learn more about the legendary business leaders who are featured in All Hands on Deck. To the extent possible, words spoken by these leaders in this book are paraphrased, or in several cases, directly quoted from one of these sources. In any event, every effort has been made to assure that their comments are consistent with what they said in other contexts. The bibliography also includes a listing of general books on the subject of creating culture that have influenced my thinking and that I hope will influence yours as well. I've included this extended bibliography in hopes that you will be inspired to learn more about building a culture of ownership and about the leaders who have shown us how it's done.

Walt Disney

Michael BarrierThe Animated Man: A Life of Walt Disney.Berkeley:University of California Press,2007

Lee CockerellCreating Magic: 10 Common Sense Leadership Strategies from a Life at Disney.New York:Broadway Business,2008

Neal GablerWalt Disney: The Triumph of American Imagination.New York:Alfred A. Knopf,2006.

Fred LeeIf Disney Ran Your Hospital: 9 1/2 Things You Would Do Differently.Bozeman, MT:Second River Healthcare Press,2004

Dave Smith, comp. The Quotable Walt Disney.New York:Disney Enterprises,2007

Pat Williams, and Jim DenneyHow to Be Like Walt: Capturing the Disney Magic Every Day of Your Life.Deerfield Beach, FL:Health Communications,2004.

Henry Ford

Greg GrandinFordlandia: The Rise and Fall of Henry Ford's Forgotten Jungle ...

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