Chapter 2. Real Ownership Is of the Heart, Not of the Wallet

Corey hardly noticed the airport terminal fade into the distance through the limo's smoked-glass window. He just stared at the man who had been introduced as Walt Disney. After a very long moment, his eyes narrowed, and he allowed the slightest smile to crease his mouth. "That was very good, Mr.—uhm—Mr. Disney, did you say?"

"That's right. And I'm sure this must all be quite disorienting for you."

"Disorienting? Oh no, not at all—once I figured out your game."

"My game?" Disney smiled wryly. "And just what do you think my game is, Corey?"

Corey leaned back in his seat and shook his head with a laugh. "As the guy who plans meetings and conferences for one of the world's largest hospitality companies, I get sales pitches from you motivational look-alikes all the time. The Ben Franklin look-alike sends me a key and a kite and tells me he will electrify my organization. The Teddy Roosevelt look-alike tells me he'll fire up the troops to charge the hill. The Dirty Harry look-alike tells me he'll make my day. But for a Walt Disney look-alike to hijack my cab...I have to hand it to you, bud, you really do have chutzpah. So, where are you taking me, 'Mr. Disney'—to the Magic Kingdom?"

Disney didn't answer but tapped the window that separated the two men from the driver's compartment. The window slid open. "Yes, Mr. Disney?"

"Jeff, Corey wants to go to the Magic Kingdom. Can we fit that in and still get him to his meeting on time?"

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