Chapter 8. Lesson 6: Invest in Character Building

Walt and Corey were standing on a balcony, looking down upon a huge crowd of cheering women—and almost everyone in the audience was a woman. The stage was backed by three gigantic projection screens. Rock music was blaring, the dance troupe was whirling, colored lights were flashing, and a dry-ice fog drifted across the floor. An elegantly dressed young woman strolled through the mist, took the microphone in her right hand, and began singing in a voice that was three sizes too large for her body:

I have a premonition

That soars on silver wings.

It's the dream of your accomplishment

Of many wondrous things.

"Are we in Las Vegas?" Sin City had been much on Corey's mind lately. Until last year, the Desert Plum Casino had been a crown jewel in the Owatt tiara, but with the recent economic slump, sales had gone south, dragging profits with them.

"No," Walt replied, "we're in Dallas."

"Dallas? I didn't realize that Dallas had gotten into the showbiz business."

"It hasn't. This is the annual Mary Kay seminar. Every summer, more than fifty thousand Mary Kay independent beauty consultants descend upon the city; they take over the convention center for a month. Just look at that enthusiasm: If that's not a culture of ownership, I don't know what is." Walt smiled and swayed to the beat of the song:

I do not know beneath which sky

Or where you'll challenge fate.

I only know it will be high!

I only know it will be great!

The singer took a bow and blew kisses ...

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