Chapter 10. Lesson 8: Everyone Is a Volunteer

"Would you like to see where that beautiful lamp is going to find a home?" Walt asked Corey as Brent Jacobs' shop faded into the distance.

"Absolutely," Corey replied. "But please tell me it's not going into a VIP room at the Marriott or Ritz-Carlton."

"No, it's not going into a luxury hotel—quite to the contrary."

Corey heard the sound of hammers and drills in the distance. Gradually, the scene came into view. Dozens of people were building houses. The scene appeared to have been carefully choreographed—people carrying wood, pounding nails, scrutinizing blueprints, even delivering cups of hot coffee to the workers. "That's a Habitat for Humanity project," Walt said. "Those ten houses are going to be finished and occupied before the snow flies. And each master bedroom will be furnished with one of Brent Jacobs's beautiful high-tech lamps."

Corey shook his head. "Who would have known that our 'just a night-shift bookkeeper' would have such a talent?"

"You should have known, Corey. Someone at the company should know such things. How much more hidden talent is there at Owatt Hospitality—talent that could help you compete more effectively with the likes of Marriott and Ritz-Carlton? And how much more of a sense of ownership would these people have if you found a way to honor their talent by capitalizing on it?"

"That sounds good, Walt, but it's not realistic for us to know the hobbies and interests of every one of our employees."

"Oh, really? You ...

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