Chapter 11. The Four Essential Elements of a Culture of Ownership

"We're here." Corey felt a gentle tap on his knee and awoke with a start. "Sorry to wake you, Mr. Whitaker, but we're at the bank building." Jerry the limo driver was holding the door open, and the sounds of a New York City morning filled the air.

"Where's Walt?" Corey rubbed his eyes and looked at the other empty seats in the limo.

"Where's who?" Jerry cocked his head inquisitively.

"Nothing. It was a dream." Corey grabbed his briefcase and stepped out onto the sidewalk. He looked up at the bank's running news banner: European stock markets had opened the day higher, elections had again been postponed in Iraq, and it was 7:45 in the morning. Fifteen minutes to go until his meeting with the bankers. Corey pulled out his cell phone and dialed his office. He told his secretary that he'd be staying an extra day in New York City and asked her to make a reservation that evening for him at the Surrey Park Inn and Suites. He bought a cup of coffee and a donut from a sidewalk vendor and listened to the music of the streets while he organized his thoughts.

When he'd finished his donut, Corey placed a second call. "Hi Monika, this is Corey Whitaker from Owatt Hospitality... Fine, thanks, and you?... Is Mr. Williamson in?... Great. Tell him that I have an answer for him." Corey smiled at how much more quickly his phone calls were answered now that he had the CEO title. "Doug, I've changed my mind. If the offer is still on the table, ...

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