Chapter 42Even When You Find a Migraine Problem, Crafting a Solution Requires Vigilance and Readjustment

Four months. Had it really been four months? It felt like Owen was just here last week. Same billboards, same signs offering the same “amazing deals.” The only thing that was noticeably different was the November climate. It was cool and refreshing.

“Man, I never tire of this city. It’s the only place in the States where you can—”

Lisa whipped around from the passenger seat of the cab and locked in on Pitchford. “Where you can what?” She gave him a big grin, like she wasn’t letting him off the hook until he completed the sentence.

Pitchford stared back at Lisa, searching through his mental Rolodex of possible alternatives to what he actually meant to say, but it was clear that he was having trouble coming up with anything good. “Where you can . . . it’s just got the best food.”

Lisa shook her head and gave him a big smile. “Weak.” She didn’t seem to enjoy Pitchford’s sense of humor the way Owen did, but she found him endearing all the same.

“Seriously, more five-star restaurants per capita than any city.”

Stepping into the Rio felt like walking into a high school reunion. Now that Owen was one of the nine finalists, there was already a large swarm of people to greet him as he exited the taxi.

“Mr. Chase, please accept this gift from . . .”

“Mr. Chase, I’d like to offer you and your wife the pleasure of dining at the . . .”

“Mr. Chase. You golf, right? How about a . . .”

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