Chapter 2

Hello and Goodbye

In This Chapter

arrow Turning on the phone

arrow Unlocking the phone

arrow Configuring new accounts

arrow Locking the phone

arrow Turning off your phone

In the book Lamps For Dummies, the chapter about turning a lamp on and off is only one page long. Can you imagine? I accused the author of padding, but he insisted that a full page was necessary to describe all the nuances of the On–Off switch, especially for 3-way lamps.

Here in Amazon Fire Phone For Dummies, this On–Off chapter is several pages long. That’s because the phone doesn’t have an On–Off button — it has a Power button. That button has many functions, and indeed you have many options for turning your Fire phone off or on, all carefully described in this chapter’s ten pages.

How to Start a Fire

Forget the book of matches, and don’t bother looking for two sticks and some kindling. When it comes to starting a Fire phone, you ...

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