Chapter 8. The Web

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You’ll learn to:

  • Browse the Web

  • Use multiple browser tabs

  • Create and manage bookmarks

  • Save and view online pictures and graphics

WITH THE FIRE PHONE, you’ve got the whole Web in your hand. Whether reading reviews and buying movie tickets, reading online articles while you commute, or checking out YouTube, you’ll find the Fire to be a great web browsing companion. The 4.7-inch screen gives you a superb web experience wherever you go. With more and more web designers making their sites look good and work well on mobile devices like the Fire, you may find yourself using the browser more than any other app.

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Silk—The Fire Phone’s Browser

THE SILK BROWSER OFFERS plenty of the same goodies as a desktop browser, including bookmarks, auto-complete for web addresses, saving and sharing pages, and more. However, the browser itself is fairly bare bones, which may take some getting used to. But once you learn your way around, you’ll be browsing at warp speed. Here are the main controls you need to know about:

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  • Address bar. Here’s where you enter the URL—the web address—for a page you want to visit.


    Silk’s address bar does more than let you enter a URL. It’s an omnibar, since it also lets ...

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