Many of the gadgets we use every day don’t look all that sophisticated from the outside, but they’re brimming with hidden features and options. Think of the average smartphone, which to the uninitiated (if such people still exist) looks like a shiny block of glass and metal, but is really a computer more powerful than the supercomputers of yesteryear. Think of Alexa, Amazon’s voice assistant, which seems like the very definition of simplicity — “Alexa, bark like a dog” — but can do some truly amazing things (as I explain in my book Alexa For Dummies [Wiley]).

The pile of deceptively simple electronics also includes Amazon’s Fire TV devices. The most basic of these devices — the Fire TV Stick and Fire TV Stick 4K — look like nothing more than oversized thumb drives, while the Fire TV Cube looks like it could play the role of an airplane’s black box flight recorder in a TV movie. But within these nondescript exteriors lie some sophisticated hardware and software that can do some amazing — and surprising — things.

So, yep, the basics of Fire TV are readily mastered, but to get at the hidden depths and power of Fire TV, you need a guide. Amazon Fire TV For Dummies aims to be that guide.

About This Book

This book takes you on a complete tour of Fire TV’s capabilities, features, tools, and settings. In this book, you find everything you need to know to get the most out of your Fire TV investment.

Amazon Fire TV For Dummies boasts 12 chapters, but you don’t have to read ...

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