Create a Wish List

Amazon’s catalog is your oyster! Save those items you want in once place and let everyone know what you really want.

Remember those novelty socks you got as a gift from your aunt on your last birthday? The thought was nice, but if she’d known you would have preferred a Lord of the Rings DVD instead, everyone would have been happy. Your aunt would have known she got exactly what you wanted, and you’d think of her fondly as you watched Frodo battle evil. Amazon’s Wish List feature lets you set up a list of products you can share. The wish list also stores your address so your aunt won’t have to try to remember where you live.


Even though your address is associated with your wish list, people buying gifts won’t ever know your exact address. The most they’ll see is “Ships to Portland, OR” (or wherever you call home).

Wish lists can be used for more than just accurate presents; they can also help nonprofit organizations. If you visit Amazon’s charity page (, you’ll find that several organizations like Toys for Tots and Habitat for Humanity have public wish lists of items they need. Buying through their wish list means your donation will make it to the proper address, and you know it’s something they’ve specifically noted they need.

You can create a wish list by clicking the “Add to Wish List” button on any product detail page. It’s located on the righthand side of the page under the “Add to Shopping Cart” button. ...

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