Chapter 4

Setting Up AWS Storage

In This Chapter

arrow Introducing AWS storage

arrow Differentiating the five AWS storage types

arrow Determining which storage type is right for your application

arrow Managing storage types on the Management Console

Though Chapter 3 is all about AWS Management Console, this chapter helps you tackle an entirely different task: diving in to the individual AWS offerings — a bunch of them!

Every journey has a beginning. I strongly recommend that you start your journey through AWS by taking a long, hard look at storage, for several reasons:

check.png Storage is an increasingly important topic to IT because of the recent staggering increase in the amount of data that businesses use in their day-to-day operations. Though traditional structured data (the database) is growing quite rapidly, the use of digital media (video) by businesses is exploding. IT organizations are using more and more storage, and they often look to communication service providers (CSPs) such as Amazon to provide storage. ...

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