Chapter 7

AWS Security

In This Chapter

arrow Understanding the cloud computing trust boundary

arrow Applying AWS security groups to secure your instance

arrow Introducing AWS Virtual Private Cloud

arrow Determining whether AWS security is sufficient for your needs

arrow Focusing on six key actions to secure your AWS application

Countless surveys have shown that security is the number-one concern voiced by IT professionals about cloud computing. Deep down, many IT people distrust cloud provider security and believe that they are the only ones who can truly implement secure computing environments. And many IT types are most skeptical about the security of AWS. Unspoken by many of them, but part of their visceral reactions to AWS, is, I believe, a kind of disdain for the service, based on a prejudice that a “bookseller” can’t possibly offer the same kind of computing security that “real” professionals provide.

Needless to say, I disagree with that point of view. In fact, from my perspective, if you use AWS, you’re ...

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