Chapter 12

Bringing It All Together: An AWS Application

In This Chapter

arrow Building a simple blogging site

arrow Partitioning the site to enhance performance

arrow Improving application robustness with geographical redundancy

This chapter presents a complete application that allows you to do some hands-on work with AWS. I present a step-by-step set of instructions for you to follow as you start from a simple EC2 application and incrementally increase its performance and robustness by taking advantage of additional AWS services to improve it. Along the way, I discuss the reasons for selecting these additional services and how they improve the application. If you follow along, by the time you finish working through the example, you’ll be ready to take on AWS singlehandedly!

technicalstuff.eps The example in this chapter focuses on AWS itself and on how to improve an application by layering on additional AWS services. The idea is not to come up with a whiz-bang application as well. That’s why I’m presenting a simple, prepackaged blogging application put out by WordPress. (Then you don’t have to worry about writing ...

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