Chapter 12. Decoupling your infrastructure: ELB and SQS

This chapter covers

  • The reasons for decoupling a system
  • Synchronous decoupling with load balancers
  • Asynchronous decoupling with message queues

Imagine that you want some advice on using AWS from us, and therefore we plan to meet in a café. To make this meeting successful, we must

  • Be available at the same time
  • Be at the same place
  • Find each other at the café

The problem with our meeting is that it’s tightly coupled to a location. We can solve that issue by decoupling our meeting from the location, so we change plans and schedule a Google Hangout session. Now we must

  • Be available at the same time
  • Find each other in Google Hangout

Google Hangout (this also works with all ...

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