Creating a DB instance

Create a new DB instance under your AWS account using the following code:

aws rds create-db-instance ^--db-instance-identifier "AWSBootcamp" ^--db-instance-class "db.t2.micro" ^--engine "MySQL" ^--no-multi-az ^--master-username "awsbootcamp" ^--master-user-password "abcd12345" ^--db-name "awsbootcampdb" ^--storage-type "gp2" ^--allocated-storage "20" ^--publicly-accessible ^--backup-retention-period "0" ^--vpc-security-group-ids "sg-e4248e91"

The following are the options, which can be used with create-db-instance:






This is the database engine that needs to be used for creating the DB instance. The valid values are as follows:

  • aurora
  • aurora-postgresql

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