An Insider’s Guide to Cloud Computing

Book description

Many cloud computing initiatives flat-out fail; others limp along, functioning tolerably without ever delivering what they promised. An Insider’s Guide to Cloud Computing reveals why and shows how to do better. Cloud pioneer and long-time CTO David Linthicum explodes the industrys secrets and presents practical ways to optimize cloud for value and performance.

Linthicum takes a hard look at aggressively marketed technologies such as cloud-based AI, containers, no-code, serverless computing, and multicloud. He illuminates what works, what absolutely does not work, and how to manage the difficult cost-complexity tradeoffs presented by many offerings. Youll learn why some workloads and datasets still dont belong on the cloud, and even discover game changer technology that has actually been undersold.

Linthicums seen it all: the tricks providers play to make their numbers at customers' expenserealities whispered about in conference rooms and spilled over drinks at conferencesfacts and techniques you simply must know to deliver value-optimized solutions.

An Insider’s Guide to Cloud Computing is for every technical and business decision-maker responsible for evaluating, planning, implementing, operating, or optimizing cloud systems. It offers exceptional value to professionals ranging from solution architects to cloud engineers, CTOs to enterprise consultants, or those just getting started on their cloud computing journey.

  • What cloud providers dont tell you about their storage and compute services

  • Cloud-based artificial intelligence and machine learning: What are you actually paying for?

  • Containers, Kubernetes, and cloud-native development: truth versus hype

  • Multicloud: Which approaches actually save you money?

  • Real-world cloud security: beyond silos, black boxes, and out-of-control complexity

  • Cloud computing, carbon footprints, and sustainability: reality versus fiction

  • The crucial role of talent: how to identify, find, and keep the skills you need

  • How cloud computing is changing--and how to prepare for whats coming


Table of contents

  1. Cover Page
  2. About This eBook
  3. Title Page
  4. Copyright Page
  5. Pearson’s Commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
  6. Contents at a Glance
  7. Table of Contents
  8. About the Author
  9. Dedication Page
  10. Acknowledgments
  11. We Want to Hear from You!
  12. Reader Services
  13. Preface
    1. Why I Wrote This Book
    2. How to Read This Book
    3. What Benefits Can You Expect?
  14. Chapter 1. How “Real” Is the Value of Cloud Computing?
    1. What We Thought We Knew
    2. What Could Go Wrong?
    3. What Went Right?
    4. Call to Action
  15. Chapter 2. The Realities and Opportunities of Cloud-Based Storage Services That Your Cloud Provider Will Not Tell You About
    1. Cloud Storage Evolves
    2. Junk Data on Premises Moved to the Cloud Is Still Junk Data
    3. Secrets to Finding the Best Cloud Storage Value
    4. The Future of Cloud Storage
    5. Call to Action
  16. Chapter 3. The Realities and Opportunities of Cloud-Based Compute Services That Your Cloud Provider Will Not Tell You About
    1. The Trade-offs of Multitenancy
    2. CPU Performance, Meet the Internet
    3. Paying Too Much for Cloud Compute? Here’s Why
    4. Picking the Right Operating Systems
    5. Picking the Right Memory Configurations
    6. The Concept of Reserved Instances
    7. Going Off-brand
    8. Call to Action
  17. Chapter 4. Innovative Services and Public Clouds: What Do You Really Pay For?
    1. AI/ML
    2. Serverless
    3. DevOps/DevSecOps
    4. Analytics
    5. Edge and IoT
    6. Emerging Technologies
    7. Call to Action
  18. Chapter 5. Containers, Container Orchestration, and Cloud Native Realities
    1. Containers
    2. Container Orchestration and Clustering
    3. Cloud Native
    4. Technology Meets Reality
    5. Call to Action
  19. Chapter 6. The Truths Behind Multicloud That Few Understand
    1. Hybrid Cloud Realities
    2. The Move to Plural Public Clouds
    3. Multicloud Upside Realities
    4. Multicloud Downside Realities
    5. Key Concepts for Multicloud Success
    6. Call to Action
  20. Chapter 7. Cloud Security Meets the Real World
    1. An Insider’s Guide to Cloud Security Fundamentals
    2. What Cloud Security Worked
    3. What Cloud Security Didn’t Work
    4. The Rise of Non-Native Cloud Security
    5. The Rise of Proactive Security
    6. The Rise of Security Automation
    7. Call to Action
  21. Chapter 8. Cloud Computing and Sustainability: Fact Versus Fiction
    1. Initial Thinking: Cloud Data Centers, Bad
    2. The Politics of Sustainability
    3. Finally, Sharing Is Possible
    4. Green Application Development?
    5. Multicloud as a Sustainability Weapon?
    6. What Is Your Real Impact?
    7. Call to Action
  22. Chapter 9. The Evolution of the Computing Market
    1. Forced March to the Cloud?
    2. More Consumption, but Prices Stay Static
    3. The Power of a Few Players
    4. The Emergence of Commoditization
    5. The Emergence of System Repatriation
    6. The Rise of Federated Cloud Applications and Data
    7. Traditional Systems Remain…Why?
    8. Battle for Human Talent
    9. Call to Action
  23. Chapter 10. Here’s the Future of Cloud Computing from an Insider’s Perspective… Be Prepared
    1. Continued Rise of Complex Cloud Deployments
    2. Refocus on Cross-Cloud Systems
    3. Changing Skills Demands
    4. Cloud Security Shifts Focus
    5. Cloud Computing Becomes Local
    6. Industry Clouds Become Important
    7. Where Is Edge Computing?
    8. Call to Action
  24. Chapter 11. Wrapping Things Up: Miscellaneous Insider Insights
    1. Cloud Can Make Life Better
    2. Changes in the Skills Mix
    3. The Objectives Change
    4. The Market Absorbs the Weak, and the Weak Emerge Again
    5. Cloud Technology Continues to Be a Value Multiplier
    6. Call to Action
  25. Index

Product information

  • Title: An Insider’s Guide to Cloud Computing
  • Author(s): David Linthicum
  • Release date: April 2023
  • Publisher(s): Addison-Wesley Professional
  • ISBN: 9780137935819